Among the wide range of products and services that covers AYELEX we are specialized in everything related to glass and glassware.

We are a glassware in Malaga, which offers the best prices for our customers without leaving aside the highest quality.

Given its characteristics glass today is present in our lives in many uses.

Depending on its functionality and desired end effect in AYELEX cristalería Málaga we work all kinds of glass among which we find:

  • Colorless glass. It is the one that lets the whole of the received light pass and does not offer any barrier to the object’s vision behind it. Within the family of colorless we offer the possibility of Extraclaro Glass, when the ultimate goal of your installation seeks maximum transparency.


    • Translucent glass. It is the type of glass that does not let light pass through it in its entirety and distorts the figure of objects behind it. Its wide variety makes it ideal for providing privacy and privacy to the desired stays.


      • Glass Parsol. It allows us to regulate the light that enters the desired space, being a colored glass, offering us a warm and comfortable interior in the hours of greater luminosity. Ideal for installing on doors and windows where the direct sun is quite uncomfortable. Available in several colors.


        • Double Glazing or CLIMALIT. The double glazing is the order of the day. Since the doors and windows are the main channels of losses and inputs of temperature and ambient noise, a good configuration of double glazing CLIMALIT will give your home insulation and energy saving.


          • Safety Laminated Glass. Recommended when we want to protect the stay from future intruder attacks. The multiple laminate offers security against breakage.

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            • LACOBEL glass. For ample decorative applications that will give an elegant and different touch to your project. Being able to install them in bathrooms, kitchens, closet fronts, table tops, etc. Lacobel is an opaque glass because one of its faces is covered with a thermo-hardened enamel.


              • Decorative Glass or Madras. They are glass treated with a delicate process of chemical engraving, with which they are obtained from ornamental motifs ideal to create different environments. We usually install these decorative glass in doors of passage, furniture, stained glass, showcases.

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