Our products

The products we use are aluminum, PVC, glassware, Iron, Bath Screens, Awnings, Blinds and Curtains Novel Cristal.

Thanks to our computerized database work, we have access to all domestic suppliers, allowing us to offer customized solutions that suit your need and also to its economy.

We manufacture and install in Malaga and for the entire province:

  • Aluminum windows (sliding, casement, tilt-swing, etc).
  • Aluminum doors (sliding, folding).
  • Aluminum Windows.
  • Aluminum railings.
  • Aluminium protection bars.
  • Aluminum cabinets.
  • Aluminum shutters.
  • PVC windows (sliding, casement, tilt-swing, etc).
  • PVC doors (accordion, folding, sliding).
  • Iron and Stainless Steel (doors, gates, gates, fences, etc.).
  • Shower enclosures and shower (sliding, folding, in vertex, frontal, semi-circular, tempered glass or acrylic).
  • Awnings (Toldos store, straight stitch, articulated arm, hood, palillerias, fences, pergolas).
  • Blinds (blinds of pvc, aluminum, security, etc).
  • Curtains (glass enclosures without vertical profiles) glass.

Remember AYELEX is your carpentry in Malaga.

Our work ranges are economical, medium or deluxe, because AYELEX understand that every need is different.

Feel free to ask any questions, we are always willing to sit down with you and find the ideal product for you.